Manufacturer sign the following undertaking at the time of joining the program


Rev: 31/12/2010



M/s.________________________________________________________________ with its

offices located at ____________________________________________________________

Phone (s) ____________________________ Fax (es) _______________________________

E-mail (if any) _______________________________________________________________

represented by Mr. / Mrs._____________________________________ Chief Executive / Executive Director / Partner / Proprietor of the Company, declare that we have voluntarily joined the Programme for Elimination of Child Labour from the Soccer ball manufacturing in Sialkot and its environs w.e.f. ____________. In order to fulfil the obligations of the programme, we hereby undertake to do the following:


  1. Carry out all the stitching activities of hand stitched balls without having any regard to their sizes, kinds, qualities, stitching prices etc. of such balls, at the monitor-able stitching centers accessible to the IMAC. All such stitching centers will be duly notified to the IMAC with their precise locations.
  2. Print the I.D. Codes issued by the IMAC on the specific panel of all the hand stitched balls without any discrimination of size, kind, quality or price of the ball.
  3. The company will not involve in counterfeiting activities and if found, will render the membership of the CLEP liable to be cancelled.
  4. Reveal all information of stitching activities of the company, either of sample balls, repair balls, stitching center/sub-contractors/stitchers on trial, to the IMAC Project Management in Sialkot .
  5. Set up an effective and vigilant internal monitoring structure within the company manned with appropriately qualified personnel.
  6. Appoint/designate an internal monitoring manager to coordinate with the IMAC Project Management on monitoring related issues.
  7. Through internal monitoring, ensure that no stitching activity takes place at any place not registered with the IMAC.
  8. Ensure that, in no way, children under the age of 14 years, school going or not school going, are engaged/involved in any kind of paid or unpaid work either on full time or part time basis.
  9. Keep IMAC Project Management informed, on regular basis, of changes in the production volumes, changes in the stitching activities/strength at stitching ce nters.
  10. Respond promptly to any enquiry from IMAC especially about the stitching activities at unregistered places or incidence of child labour etc.
  11. Keep an attendance register at all the stitching centers.
  12. Cooperate with IMAC monitors or any other IMAC official designated for the purpose, at all times, on the issues related to the Child Labour Elimination Programme.
  13. To keep the programme running, contribute to SCCI:
    • Membership registration/re-registration fee Rs. 20,000/-
    • Minimum-advance Pro rata contribution for one financial year Rs. 50,000/-
    • Pro rata contribution for all balls produced by the members to be charged @ 30 paisa per ball or any other rate that may be decided by the SCCI in a meeting of the CLEP members from time to time.
  1. Cooperate with the agency designated as successor agency for external monitoring.
  2. Abide by all the provisions to ensure the implementation of the programme decided by the SCCI independently or jointly by the project partners.



Signature and seal of the Company