A “Not-for-Profit  Organization” registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984;

Birth date:

14 May 2002

Operational Date:

1 March 2003


To undertake activities to eliminate child labour in Soccer Ball Industry in particular, and whole of industry, in general, while being in the context and spirit of Atlanta Agreement.



To become an apex body on work place monitoring for child labour as well as social/ working conditions.



Governed by a setup created under the Memorandum  and Articles of  Association  of IMAC such as :

  • Board of Governors (Comprises 14 members representing SCCI, Trade Unions, Provisional & Federal Governments, NGOs, Academic Institution, and a soccer ball manufacturer in individual capacity); ILO & UNICEF are associated in technical advisory capacity

  • Management Committee

  • General Body


  • Manufacturers/ subscribers wishing to get their production/ work places monitored join the monitoring programme voluntarily, and reveal their production for monitoring;

  • Work place monitoring is undertaken by a team of experienced monitors, supervised and managed by a Chief Executive;

  • Work places to be monitored are selected on random basis through a computer programme. As such each monitoring visit is completely a surprise visit;


















  • IMAC is the culmination of the efforts of Atlanta Partners to sustain the work place monitoring system setup by ILO-IPEC;

  • It inherited from ILO-IPEC a monitoring system (softwares+hardwares), trained monitoring professionals, logistics such as vehicles & office equipments;

  • It provides continuity to the pace & face of the credible work place monitoring system of ILO-IPEC;

  • ILO-IPEC’s Technical & Financial assistance shall ensure the credibility and transparency of the monitoring;

Vocational & Technical Training by Sudhaar:

From 01 February 2003, Sudhaar, as an implementing agency of ILO-IPEC, has started a programme of providing Vocational & Technical Training to the children of the NFEs and Youth, desiring to acquire technical skills in the marketable trades.  Under this programme, Sudhaar has linked 25 children with Apprenticeship Training Centre and Vocational Training Institute. In addition 14 NFE teachers have been provided with training on “Fabric Painting.”


Health Care Programme by Baidarie:

Baidarie has launched the health care programme w.e.f April 2003. So far they have conducted 4 first-aid training of 99 NFE teachers. 12 doctors (health service providers) have been engaged in 10 areas/villages to medically examine the NFE children & provide health care facilities.  These doctors have, so far, examined 1603 children of 93 NFEs.  On the advise of the doctors 5 children have been operated upon for different diseases.




Quality & Credibility of IMAC :

  • A reliable monitoring system that ensures transparency;

  • Professionally trained & experienced monitoring team;

  • The Monitoring Team works without any fear of external pressures;

  • Strict code of professional ethics are followed religiously;

  • Subscribers/ participating manufacturers pose confidence in IMAC and promptly provide information about their production activities to the IMAC;

  • Subscribers/ participating manufacturers and their contractors/ sub-contractors cooperate fully with the IMAC monitors;

  • Patronization of IMAC by the Stake Holders such as WFSGI, FIFA, Major Brands, ILO, SCCI:

  • In order to make the experiment of IMAC a good success, WFSGI and FIFA should patronize the IMAC. This could be done in the following ways:

  • Emphasize their members in Pakistan to get their work places monitored by IMAC;

  • Emphasize the sports federations around the world to source the sports material in Pakistan from those suppliers who get their production monitored by IMAC;

  • Provide moral support to IMAC in the events of uncalled for negative criticism on IMAC monitoring, as has been the case in the past;

  • Provide financial and technical support to IMAC for further developing and enhancing its technical and managerial capacities;

  • A key element for the future of IMAC is its financial independence. Since it is a non-profit organization, therefore, it would need an endowment fund to sustain. FIFA and WFSGI may play their role in this regard.

  • Big brands should also play their due role in patronizing the IMAC, in terms of emphasizing their suppliers to continue working with IMAC, and cooperate as usual;

  • IMAC has the potential and capacities to meet the specific needs and requirements of big brands for monitoring the working conditions, in addition to child labour, at work places of their suppliers. They can patronize the IMAC by acquiring its services;


ILO-IPEC can patronize the IMAC by acquiring its professional and technical services in their endeavours of child labour elimination using work place monitoring as a tool. In this regard IMAC can have a portfolio of services including development of tailor made monitoring programmes, providing consultancy services, training of staff in work place monitoring techniques etc.