Independent Monitoring Association for Child Labor (IMAC) is a non-profit organization that provides the workplace monitoring services, to any industry/ industrial establishments, against child labor as well as monitoring for other social and working conditions. It has the capacity and capabilities to provide consultancy services to any industry/ industrial agglomerations to devise and setup a workplace monitoring system, execute the setting up of a monitoring system and training the required manpower, awareness raising about the menace of child labor and better working conditions and develop and execute programmes for social protection and rehabilitation of affected and afflicted groups of society.

IMAC was established on 2002 to sustain the workplace monitoring system against child labor setup by the ILO-IPEC in the soccer ball industry in Sialkot, Pakistan. In March 2003, it took over from the ILO-IPEC the child labor monitoring system along with all the technical know how, logistics and trained technical staff to run the system. Since then, it not only ran the system with the same transparency and credibility, rather it brought in innovative changes in the system that gave new dimensions to the monitoring work adding credibility and efficiency to the workplace monitoring functions.